Saturday, May 2, 2015

Heirloom Pumpkins

I got this photo at the 2014 Fall in the Field Event

I saw the first post about Renninger's Fall in the Field 2015 event coming up in October today. It seems like yesterday but the last one was seven months ago. I had the pleasure of meeting the proprietors of Hites Heirloom pumpkins. I'd heard that the Heirloom pumpkins were different and didn't rot nearly as quickly as the ones sold for Halloween. 

I bought several to use for fall decor and decided to see how long they would last. I left them on my porch for a couple of month and lost two due to the warm weather and their exposed position on the porch. I still had six left. So I brought them in the house. 

I washed them once with a diluted bleach solution and put them on my north-facing windowsill. One small one is a bit dehydrated but otherwise they look great for being out seven months. You can see some deterioration but I don't think there would be any if I'd regularly sprayed them with diluted bleach.

Side A

The bigger pumpkins take up a lot of room so I decided it was time for them to move on to the compost pile.  After all of this time it still looked pretty good inside. 

Side B

I am amazed at how long they stayed beautiful. I put the seeds out for the birds but I saw squirrels (the rascals) eating them the other day. 

I plan on getting a bunch more in October at Renningers this year. They are worth it and will last through Thanksgiving and beyond… I'd call that a great value.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Some of my latest projects

I've been working on a few things this week. Granted my decoupaged eggs aren't your traditional Easter eggs. I guess my signs aren't very traditional either. But making things makes my heart sing.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Beetle Shipping Tags

I don't know how many of you know that I used to be a passionate card maker. I own an impressive collection of stamps that I don't have time to pull out much anymore. However I always have a few within easy reach that I use on tags. They are quick and easy to make yet still require you to lay the design out to be pleasing to the eye. For me stamping tags is like playtime.

My friend Copperkraken loves beetles and even drives one so I decided to make a gift of tags for his creations. I used a Tim Holtz numbered specimen stamp with chestnut Stayz-on ink and offset a beetle stamp from Inkadinkado in black Stayz-on. Because I planned to leave it for him at Adjectives Market, I decided to put them in a small bag with his booth name on the tag. I stamped the tag design on the front of the bag.

I couldn't resist trying out the tag on a cloche in my kitchen. I decided the bag needed one of the tags as a tag. Yes, that is a cloche within a cloche.  I'm not sure what that means other than than I must have a circular mind. In reality, it's to keep my ever curious cat, Salem, from playing with the glass. 

Just in case you're wondering what that organic bit is behind the bag, it's a piece of old wasp nest. I made absolutely sure there were no residents when I harvested it.

Here's the complete cloche with the wasp nest. Although I like the look of a tag, it didn't stay there. I tucked it in with the others.  I think Copperkraken will put it to better use...

Monday, March 16, 2015

Stuffed Bunny Update

I thought I'd let you see the bunnies I wrote about recently. They're all done and posing for the camera. Each has its own personality and the buttons were chosen to match. Cammo Guy on the right is sitting with Pink Cammo Girl. He was adopted right away.

Cammo Guy and Pink Cammo Girl

Flopsy's Selfie
I painted some eggs to go with the bunnies

I think they're kind of cute myself…

Update: Mr. Blue Button went home with a sweet tow-headed toddler.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

My Crafty Spring Weekend

Well, maybe Spring isn't here yet, but I'm in a springy state of mind and getting my crafty on. While I'm usually painting a sign or stenciling burlap, today I'm making some Easter crafts. I started off decoupaging foam eggs with designs cut from paper napkins.

I cut out the designs and used some Modge Podge to adhere them. When I'm done with them I'll give them a spritz of matte Kyrlon clear spray to remove the shine you can see here.

I've had the napkins with the chickens for years. I got the butterfly napkins at Michael's Crafts and I've ordered some on Etsy. The right napkins are harder to find than I thought they would be.

Then I moved on the muslin bunnies I got the other day. Here they are sitting in an instant coffee soak in a "hot tub" otherwise known as the pot I cook corn in. The water looks red but it's just 3 tablespoons of instant coffee in hot water.

They have a lot of company, there are 10 in all.

They'll be soaking for some time. I turn them over so the coffee "dye" will take. Meanwhile, I'm painting some papermache bunnies and eggs "chocolate."

 As you can see, I'm not finished with one yet. And of course where there are big bunnies, small ones are sure to follow. They're kind of cute. I'll also give them a mist of the Krylon spray to dull the shine from the light when they're done.

Where there are chocolate bunnies, you'll find chocolate eggs. They take some time to do because you can only do a small part at a time.

That's about it for now. I've got some bunnies to stir in the pot and some painting to do. xoxo

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Cameo Cottage Designs: DIY Q-Tip Pussy Willow Branches For Centerpieces

Debi's pussy willows are very convincing to the unsuspecting eye. Check out her tutorial to make them.

Linked from: Cameo Cottage Designs: DIY Q-Tip Pussy Willow Branches For Centerpieces

Decorative Uses for Burlap Sacks

I've been MIA from my blog since Christmas. I can tell you that the holidays just wore me out this year.  With my mother in law going back and forth to the hospital along with the demands of my job, there just weren't enough hours in the day. Did I mention she lives two plus hours from here? So every drive up there takes up most of the day when you add visiting time. But today I had some time to look for decorative uses for burlap. Here's what I found via Pinterest. I think I've found a few projects.  xoxo

The flowers are in tin cans with water
Love this look

Cedarwood Weddings
Marry Me Tampa Bay
Burlap ruffle topped dropcloth curtains
Rag garland

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