Sunday, July 20, 2014

Keller's Flea Market

We made a pit stop driving home from Savannah, Georgia today. I thought we'd be doing a lot of picking but our plans changed as our vacation evolved.

We visited the South Carolina  Aquarium and spent time with family
On the way home we found a flea market outside of Savannah. They had some great old rusty stuff.

Thanks for the firefighters collecting for MD who helped us find it : )
Mr. Vintage was in a hurry to get back home but I had time to snag two Canada Dry wood crates, a 1950's Boy Scout camping cot and a few other goodies. I didn't have time to get photos of my finds but I did get some of the rusty pieces just lying around.

I wanted the grill on this tractor so bad!
This is the first piece we saw
Great set of rusty chairs
I'm hoping to get back there soon.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

You Never Know What You'll Find When You Clean Out The Garage

I'm in the middle of a multiple day garage clean-out and re-organization. You see, last year Mr Vintage paid a handyman to move all of my treasures, admittedly unorganized [because I was caring for him after surgery] to the garage.

I am finally getting the chance to get it organized so I'll be doing a running post of some of the stuff I find. I will admit I was devastated when my stuff was moved and I have no plans of letting it happen again. It's taken me so long because I had the year from hell in my day job and did 5 shows last year.

Tiny baby shoe forms
Vintage bunting getting some needed sun

Monday, June 16, 2014

The Polka Dot Flea

People loved digging through the buckets
I am finally able to start to catch my breath after the Polka Dot Flea. My booth was very industrial and you don't want to know how long it took me to wash and sort all of those faucet handles in the buckets. I made industrial flowers in bottles as well. I don't know if I've ever worked so hard to get ready for a show. 

This was taken before I "fluffed" on Saturday morning

I even forgot to get photos. I "stole" the photos above from the Polka Dot Closet's post today.   One creation I especially liked was one of the first to go. Made from a large piece of driftwood, it was one I was tempted to keep…

Driftwood sculpture sharing a hook with a vintage scale
I am thankful to Kathy Gonzalez for getting this photo for me. She is running a slideshow with photos from the show on her website this month. Be sure to check them out.

This show will hopefully be an annual event. I personally can't wait and hope I remember to get photos myself next year! 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Yes, I still do burlap...

 Since I've been posting my water valve flowers and no burlap lately, let me assure you that I'm still stenciling burlap. I've found that burlap sells better in the cooler months so I'm doing the flowers for the Polka Dot Flea vintage show.

The countdown to the show is on and I mustn't dally so off I go to try to be ready… I'm normally more relaxed but a new venue and such has me wound a bit tight today. So off I go! Have a great day today!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Planning a Vintage Wedding

Note: This article was written for Vintage Finds Magazine. I appreciate the opportunity to write another article for this magazine. I invite anyone in the Orlando area planning a vintage wedding to check out Adjectives Market and Adjectives Unhinged. ~ Kitty

Photo courtesy of Beyond the Still Image of Nashville, Tn.

Everyone loves a wedding and wedding planning is especially fun. Personalized weddings became popular in the 1960's with outdoor venues and continue to evolve due to the influence of social media and Pinterest. It's just easier today to find inspiration when it's a click away. Add vintage shopping to the mix and you'll have a wedding like no other.

Photo courtesy of Beyond the Still Image in Nashville, Tn

All weddings are personal but vintage weddings are especially so. The possibilities are wide-ranging and one of the first things the bride needs to consider is the general time period of the wedding the couple is going for. Although hard to believe at first, a generic time period vintage wedding is harder to plan. It's best to select a time period and deviate from the plan as needed. Otherwise planning becomes overwhelming when you go shopping.

I speak from experience. I had a vintage wedding 20 years ago and more recently, helped plan my niece's vintage wedding. Because she didn't have a specific time period, her wedding theme involved a music theme with vintage sheet music as a backdrop for arrangements at the tables.

Photo courtesy of Beyond the Still Image in Nashville, Tn

Luckily for most brides, vintage weddings don't call for especially elaborate decorations but they do call for flexibility. For my niece's wedding I used wire baskets, ribbon and special order tulle recycled from the groom's sister's recent wedding to decorate the pews. During the 6 weeks between the first time I saw the church and the wedding, the pews were repainted and the nails for the pew bows were removed. I was told the nails couldn't be replaced and the closest place to buy pew bow hangers was an hour's drive away. I improvised and used tulle and ribbon to support the baskets.

I made 6 baskets for the pub tables that morphed into thank-you
  gifts for the church ladies who helped serve at my niece's wedding*
Plenty of crafting and re-purposing opportunities present themselves during wedding planning. Chalkboards, signs, and rustic elements can be purchased from vintage markets or made from vintage bits and pieces. Many vendors love weddings too and will be happy to keep an eye out for that extra something to create a vintage atmosphere. My wedding was pretty small and I hand wrote all of the invitations for a special touch.

In my case, my fiance and I chose a 1930's era wedding. Weddings during this time were on the austere side as the depression was in full force. We were able to rent vintage outfits from jewelery to shoes for the entire wedding party along with many props from a now defunct theatre company at a very reasonable cost. In a nod to the booming economy of the 1920's, I dug out my grandmother's fox stoles and got several wedding guests to get photos wearing them. [Unexpected glitch: I had no idea some were anti-fur and found the idea of wearing dead animals complete with preserved paws abhorrent.]

Unless you plan to do your own flowers, finding the right florist will make your life much easier. In my case I happened upon a florist who saved me more money than I thought possible. She suggested I carry 5 long stemmed white roses with greenery tied up with a ribbon. My attendant [only one, this was the depression] carried a smaller version. Flowers from the ceremony were designed to go to the reception serving a dual purpose.

Let me suggest seriously considering a florist unless you have several floral design classes under your belt. By judiciously choosing flowers in season you can save enough money to get the look you want at a reasonable cost. Plus you won't be stressing out over how the boutonnieres look. Do not ask me how I know this.

A few tips to keep in mind

Hair and makeup- find a vintage hairstyle that works and have a practice session before the day of the ceremony. Ditto with makeup checking how your specific makeup reacts to flash photography.

Transportation- vintage weddings offer a multitude of memorable options. Vintage cars and horse drawn carriages come to mind. I remember a service where the officiant rode up on a horse.

Photography- choose your photographer carefully. I had a fashion photographer who took most of the photos of a particularly stunning guest who knew how to work the camera. Big mistake. Be sure to draw up a list of shots you'd like to have and discuss your editing options.

Consider showcasing vintage family wedding photos at the reception

Shopping suggestions- there is a plethora of shopping options for shopping. Planning your wedding is a great time to get acquainted with your local options. Vintage weddings are hot, hot, hot. Plus you're going to need some furniture for your dream house. You'll know where to look when you're ready. For me shopping in the best part…

My final words of advice are to have fun. Don't try to live up to any one's expectations. It's your special day. Enjoy every minute of it from the planning through the honeymoon.

*A tutorial for the centerpieces can be found on my blog.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Vintage Bathroom Cabinet

Are you into the grubby side of industrial style? I found this vintage bathroom cabinet, cleaned it up and stenciled a red cross on it. Next I waxed it with Anne Sloan wax. It's on its way to Adjectives Market. I hope it finds a good home...