Sunday, May 17, 2015

I Got My Facebook Page Back From The Hackers

I came home last night to a wonderful surprise: I had my Facebook page back. All traces of the hackers seem to be gone. Their posts were wiped clean and there is no data from their time in my little page. Apparently they make some changes to my settings that I had to change back.

There is one I can't figure out how to reverse. I can only see my page notifications if I'm using FB as my page. I can still see them but it's a little more of a hassle. I can live with it.

UPDATE: The hackers had banned me and 20 of my followers who had written comments about the hacking until they apparently gave up. I just learned that they can't get back on. All are officially unbanned and hopefully able to post again. The hackers certainly know the admin side of FB Pages better than I do.

The important thing is that I got my page back. How did I do it? Let me start out by saying that I had a ton of support from the vintage community on Facebook. People who liked my page swarmed over to the hacked page reporting the spam spewing forth.

I reported each disgusting post and until I was blocked from commenting, I noted under each post that the page was hacked. When I could no longer comment, others did so for me.  I notified FB of being hacked at least twice a day. I posted on Facebook for Business asking for help. I prayed. I got Facebook's phone number and called them. (Don't bother, you'll never reach a human.)  I e-mailed them.

The only response I got is the message shown above after it was all over. Facebook for business did reply to the post I made on their page asking me to PM them but by the time I saw it I had my page back.  Every little bit helped.

Although my page will recover, in the short term it's amazing how many likes you can lose to a hack. My reach took a deep dive and I lost around 300 likes. I am lucky if I have 200 people talking about my page. It may take a while but I'll be as good as new...

I was blocked from seeing my page stats so I screenshoted a Google listing

As you can see my reach dropped rapidly after the hacking

I hope this helps anyone who is in the situation I found myself in last Sunday night. My parting words: NEVER EVER GIVE ANYONE YOUR PASSWORD UNLESS IT'S THE STANDARD FACEBOOK LOGIN AND YOU SEE as the URL. This whole thing has worn me out. I'm running off to bed now. xoxo

Sunday, May 10, 2015

To my twitter followers: I deleted my account

I delected my Heart Vintage Design twitter page as it posts to to my account automatically. I have no control over what is posted from my hacked page and I'm sure that some of it violated the policies of twitter. If I get my page back within 30 days then I'll resume it. Otherwise I'll need to start over again.

You can follow my new (and I hope temporary) page here.

Facebook's Response to my Reports of Being Hacked.

5/10/15 Screenshot of my Support Dashboard
I am still awaiting a response from Facebook regarding the hacking of my page. I can't bear to lose the page I spent 5 years building up. It's losing followers every day and I don't blame them. I hope they restore my page to me soon. But I am beginning to wonder if anyone at Facebook cares…

You can follow my new (and I hope temporary) page here.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Down and Dirty of How My Facebook Page was Hacked

Now that I've shared what you should do if your page is hacked, I'm ready to share how it happened.

Let me start by saying that I never thought this would happen to me. I am careful on the Internet, I know not to give my passwords out or to download stuff from pages I am not absolutely sure are safe.  But I was hacked last Sunday night and don't have my page back yet.

I was online when I got a message from "Facebook for Business" stating there had been a lot of complaints about my page and that if I didn't verify ownership the page would be permanently deleted in 48 hours. There was a link to verify the page. I checked the source of the message. It led to a page that said it was run and monitored by Facebook employees and it looked official. I noticed that the URL looked funny to me, sort of like a Tiny URL would look. But otherwise it looked fine. The page used Facebook typography and I knew there was a real Facebook for Business page.

I am unable to show you the actual message because the hackers have removed me as an admin and the message was sent to my page and I can no longer access it. There was a link along with the statement about needing to verify my page. I was suspicious and messaged them back asking why I needed to do this. They messaged back immediately stating "For the safety of your page" and the message had the link to verify the page again.

Update: Another page got the same message and got a screenshot. The URL is not longer functional.
As you can see, it's scary to get this kind of message

They caught me at a weak moment. I  was tired and needed to go to bed to get up for an early start in the morning.  The language used by the (I know now) hackers was standard English with correct grammar. I looked at the page again and except for the URL it looked legitimate. So I went back to the message and filled out the form.

Here's where it gets embarrassing. They wanted my password for verification purposes and I gave it to them. Then I immediately changed my password. In the time between sending the verification and changing my password they removed me as an admin and apparently unpublished my page. I was unable to even see it until yesterday (5 days later.)

Now I'm locked out as an admin but can see the page. Unfortunately when they re-published the page they began to post sexually oriented spam. I have notified Facebook but am not getting any response. I am not able to find the "Facebook for Business" on Facebook that I saw. I assume they created a clone page that is part of a website that in not on Facebook.

I am determined to get my page back. I'll update this post when there's something to share.

You can follow my new and I hope temporary page here.

What to do if your Facebook page is hacked

My Facebook page was hacked a week ago. I've learned some valuable lessons.

  1. If you get ANY communication from someone purpoiting to work for Facebook regarding your page and a threat to delete it, GET A SCREENSHOT INCLUDING THE URL.
  2. If you get such a message CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD IMMEDIATELY.
  3. Tell everyone you know so they are there to support you. I am blessed with a great community of fellow page owners who have rallied and come to my defense. 
How to report that a page is hacked

Facebook doesn't make it easy which is why I'm sharing this. The link you need to report it is on your Desktop Support. Facebook, why not make it searchable? Afraid you'll get too many reports?

  1. Go to this url and report it. 
  2. Go to your page and if you see spam, locate the tiny dropdown menu on the upper right of the post.

     3. Click the drop down arrow and a menu will appear. Click "I don't like this post."

   4.  A new menu will appear asking you why.

  5. Say that it's spam.*

 6. You will then have the opportunity to report that your page was hacked.

 7. You will then have the option of unliking the page. I hope you don't but I understand if you do.

 8. Be persistent and patient. Continue to report to Facebook and check the status of your reports. 

9. Pray that the problem is resolved as soon as possible

*If you don't say it's spam, you'll get this kind of message on your Desktop Support.
You can follow my new (and I hope temporary) page here.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Heirloom Pumpkins

I got this photo at the 2014 Fall in the Field Event

I saw the first post about Renninger's Fall in the Field 2015 event coming up in October today. It seems like yesterday but the last one was seven months ago. I had the pleasure of meeting the proprietors of Hites Heirloom pumpkins. I'd heard that the Heirloom pumpkins were different and didn't rot nearly as quickly as the ones sold for Halloween. 

I bought several to use for fall decor and decided to see how long they would last. I left them on my porch for a couple of month and lost two due to the warm weather and their exposed position on the porch. I still had six left. So I brought them in the house. 

I washed them once with a diluted bleach solution and put them on my north-facing windowsill. One small one is a bit dehydrated but otherwise they look great for being out seven months. You can see some deterioration but I don't think there would be any if I'd regularly sprayed them with diluted bleach.

Side A

The bigger pumpkins take up a lot of room so I decided it was time for them to move on to the compost pile.  After all of this time it still looked pretty good inside. 

Side B

I am amazed at how long they stayed beautiful. I put the seeds out for the birds but I saw squirrels (the rascals) eating them the other day. 

I plan on getting a bunch more in October at Renningers this year. They are worth it and will last through Thanksgiving and beyond… I'd call that a great value.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Some of my latest projects

I've been working on a few things this week. Granted my decoupaged eggs aren't your traditional Easter eggs. I guess my signs aren't very traditional either. But making things makes my heart sing.