Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cooking up regional flavor at Renninger's Antique Market

Chris and Trent Thompson have just about everything when in comes to kitchen collectibles. And if they don't have it, they know where to get it. They specialize in odd and strange kitchen items. Like me, Chris loves the thrill of the treasure hunt and the groaning shelves in her shop show it. With her undergraduate degree in mathematics, it's no surprise to see that she's organized her considerable inventory in a mathematically precise way. She knows the precise use and history of all of her wares, and if she comes up with a blank, she'll research out the details. You can find her at Renninger's Antique Market on the street of shops in space #40. 

The Thompson's also have a shop at 2330 E. New York Avenue in Deland, Florida, 32724. The shop phone number is 386- 736-1823.

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  1. See this link for another photograph and information on identifying vintage Bakelite.