Saturday, August 20, 2011

Unexpected Wedding Inspiration

Usually I don't pay any attention to celebrity ANYTHING, but when RuffledBlog featured Kate Moss's vintage wedding it definitely caught my eye. Ruffled is a design inspiration resource for vintage-styled weddings. It is on the cutting edge of artsy yet tasteful personalized wedding design. 

There are a number of elements in Kate's wedding that any bride considering a vintage wedding can pull from:
  1. Vintage-inspired elements {you can DIY many of them}
  2. Inspired photography {not your mother's wedding photos}
  3. A white-on-white color palette {charming and budget-friendly}
  4. Mismatched bridesmaid dresses {they can wear them again}
  5. Butter cream icing on the wedding cake {yummy!}

Kate's wedding also channelled the vintage concept with the use of depression glass on the table. A budget-friendly take on this could use brandy snifters {none costing more than $3 at flea markets and thrift shops} and pressed glass candy dishes mixed with vintage pieces of silverplate.

The photos came from my niece's wedding. We used sheet music pages to "ground" the tableaus on each tabletop which served to visually connect each of the 13 tabletops, none of which matched. The original concept called for lifts and levels as well as circular mirrors in addition but no wedding is perfect. I didn't have room in my truck for 6 properly packed vintage champagne buckets {I drove from Florida to Tennessee with everything!} as well as lifts and someone forgot to pick up the mirrors from Hullabaloos. This photo is not the finished product but we were far to busy running around to get many photos. All of us are eagerly awaiting the professional photographs.

Additionally my sister and her wonderful friends baked institutional sized cakes so the actual wedding cake could be smaller {and it was much easier to pre-plate the cake for guests.} However the punch was served from a silver plated punch bowl with a silver plated ladle. It was a nice trade-off.

If you are planning a vintage wedding, try to do as much in advance and ORGANIZE everything so make it go smoother. Checklists are invaluable. Happy wedding planning!

{Special thank-yous go to Kathy of Hullabaloos, my sister's friends, the maid of honor, the bride's and groom's parents and everyone who helped with this labor of love}


  1. The problem with trying to thank everyone is that you always forget someone. Special thanks to Kimberly Reynolds for doing the mother of the bride's hair : )

  2. I book marked this to show to the future DIL, I like the sheet music to ground everything. Of course all of the silver. If you get a chance look at my last post. Sitting on top of the chest I redid is what we are thinking of using for centerpieces. The mirror trays and old teapots.


  3. Hi Carol, I love them! I love weddings! Please keep me in the loop as your plans progress. I have items I was going to sell at Renninger's that I can put aside for you to use. Just let me know.