Saturday, September 3, 2011

Acrylic Nails No More or No Nails For Shabby Girls

I'm a crafter and have a cute little vintage shop at the  Treasure Cove Flea Market in Eustis, Florida. I love the hunt for vintage materials and antiques. My hands are always covered in paint, silver polish or dirt yet I got a full set of acrylic nails when my niece got married. After all, my sister needed moral support to get a pedicure and her own fake nails.

I loved the look and thought I'd keep them. After all, they were TOUGH and it seemed that nothing could ruin a girl's manicure. Ha ha, the joke was on me!

Even though I took it easy on the paint and silver polish and totally avoided dirt, water crept up between the real nail and the acrylic nail and started a little bacterial infection. {Note the dark area on the right side of the nail} So I had the acrylic nails taken off. 

Do I miss them? Actually no. Because I learned that Shabby Girls are girly enough and I'd rather be shabbying a vanity up than missing out on the fun to protect my nails. Maybe I'll try them again when I'm 90 and in a nursing home. In the meantime, I've got a vanity to shabby up!


  1. I wondered about acrylic nails too,at one time had had them for 8 years, but like you I have my fingers in everything. OK, time to share the horror story with you. My hairdresser had acrylics and got an infection under the nails and had to have 4 fingers on that hand amputated during a long hospital stay, at the first knuckle, she can't do hair any more, isn't that horrid! Since then I have heard that's not an isolated case! So glad you got yours removed.


  2. Carol, I had no idea it could get to be so bad. I am so sorry for your hairdresser = / Like us, she had her hands in water and whatnot all day long which is not a good idea with acrylic nails. I also saw that I couldn't do some crafty things easily which was frustrating.

  3. I had my nails done many years ago. I loved how pretty they looked on everyones hands I saw that had them done. Well the first thing I found after getting mine done was I couldn't scratch an itch!! They just aren't as sharp as my own nails and it drove me nuts! So I ripped them off and never did it again! Plus with crafting they are so not good! Especially when playing in glue and pinning for sewing was not as easy good bye beautiful nails, I'll just stick with my own thank you! :) Horrible story about the hair dresser....I know several people that have had fungus because of the nails....that's a bit scarey!


    1. Thanks for stopping by Debi. I loved the way they look but simply won't take the risk. You are just like me and Carol~ into everything. It's not worth the risk.