Saturday, September 10, 2011

Cute little gifts for next-to-nothing featured some really cute DIY catch-all jars they suggest would be great to give a teacher as a back-to-school gift. With no kids and no teachers to make gifts for, I think they'd be great for organizing stuff in the corner I call my studio. I already use jars because I like the look of the items in them. Maybe I'll mix it up and add some of these.
Giving a thoughtful, handmade gift to your child’s teacher is always a neat way to show your appreciation on the first day of school, last day of school or any time throughout the calendar year! This is a quick and easy green crafting project that you can complete in next to no time at all. 
Begin by cutting out various patterned papers from the ABC Primer paper pad. Glue the papers onto the outside of some glass jars using a Matte Medium as the adhesive. Once the adhesive has dried, simply wrap some coordinating twine  and  around the exterior of the jars. 
Fill the jars with your favorite school supplies!
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