Thursday, October 13, 2011

Flea Market Booth Decorating

Saturday I get the keys to my "new" flea market booth at Renningers Flea Market in Mount Dora. My first order of the day will be to get the pink fabric off of the walls and see what's underneath them. My plan is to  staple white burlap over the walls and if necessary paint the walls underneath so what shows through is clean and white.

I got cream colored burlap at Joanns' Fabrics with a coupon. I hope a bolt is enough. This is a big booth compared to my last one at Treasure cove which was more like a shop window. I'm working on designing a sign to hang outside of my booth, if only in my mind. I want it to appeal to both men and women. There is a tool shop right next door and lots of antique traffic too.

Does anyone have any advice for decorating my booth? I'll be carrying vintage treasures, vintage items for photoshoots and vintage curiosities. I have a collection of vintage tools and other "manly" items as well as more "feminine" shabby items. 

I'm looking forward to opening but want to get it right before I'm swarmed with fellow vendors customers. This is my first "real" booth so I need all of the help I can get. 

I'll keep you posted on my progress. 


  1. How exciting, Kitty! When are you supposed to open...whenever you're ready? I will be headed over that way for the Extravaganza in Nov. I use to go fairly often, but the guys with the tents out in back of the Flea Market just closed up their shop. Made me really sad. Their prices were so good, and I could always find stuff! My sources are all drying up so I will probably make more stuff for my shop and carry less vintage.

    Best of luck with your booth. Are you in the buildings, or the flea market? I'll stop in when I'm there!!


  2. Hi Becky! I'm aiming for the weekend after next.I'll be in Building 4 of the flea market [near the office] booth 41. I have a space for the Extravaganza too but wonder how I can spread myself that thin. Do stop by!

    Thank you for stopping by,


  3. Kitty, I also just opened a booth, when you start moving everything in it just kind of happens. Let your creative juices flow freely and you will end up with a great looking booth. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Oh what fun! I will be excited to hear all about it and how the traffic is, you will have to let us know more, is it just weekends etc? I always try to arrange my booth up, tables on tables, chairs on tables, cram in as much as you can! Good luck!


  5. Carol, I appreciate your advice. I'll definitely be stacking things, thanks for the suggestion. Cathy, thanks for your confidence. I plan to take pictures and to share my progress as I start this adventure : )