Saturday, November 26, 2011

Glittery Shop Tags

I decided that I needed some pretty shop tags for items in my booth. They're pretty easy to make. I spritzed some medium-sized tags with Walnut Ink spray and left others plain. Using a flat craft paintbrush, I painted a squarish area with a thin layer of white craft paint and allowed it to dry.

Next I stamped the bottom of the tags and when the ink was dry, brushed white glue over the paint and sprinkled fine glitter over the glue. I skipped the glitter on a few and stamped the painted area. If the paint is thin, even and dry it's pretty easy to do. I then decided to simply give the tags because I couldn't bear to write on them!


  1. They are gorgeous, I do nice tags on my big items, I admire people hat put nice tags on everything! I think it is a great touch!


  2. Love the tags. Thank you for the new comment and the tip!

  3. Your tags are lovely! I never thought to use glitter on mine and oh how I love glitter!



  4. I linked this to a linky party and forgot to link back. Please let me know if it was your post and I'll fix it : )

  5. These are so cute...and how special to be added to a gift of bag. Thanks so much for joining the newbie party. I hope you enjoy it and work off the wonderful list to make a new friend or two. Enjoy!

  6. Gorgeous tags! That is what makes one shop stand out from the others. I may make some for gift tags since I don't have a shop. They are just too cute! Following you now!