Sunday, November 27, 2011

My New Sign, Sort Of

I've been thinking about a sign for the shop for some time. Mr Vintage "cleaned out" the garage last month and took  the wood I was going to use for signage to the dump. The very next day I went looking for my wood. When I asked about it, the look on his face told it all. Grrr.

On to Plan B which meant I was not going to buy more wood for him to take to the dump. I decided to "shop" my project pile for something I could use and ran into this horse. Hmmm.

I found it last summer at the Nashville Goodwill Store. It was in sorry shape, the legs were falling off and it was an ugly brown color. The eyes were missing.  I nearly passed it up but my brother made a point of asking me to reconsider.

My brother-in-law, Alton, glued and clamped the legs and when I got back to Florida, I whipped out sandpaper and paint and got to work. On Friday I did the lettering freehand using watercolor crayons.

I noticed that the hole in her belly {she had a previous life as a carousel horse} looked like an old broom handle I had on hand would fit in snugly. It did. The color is all wrong but it holds her up. The pole is held in place with a 1960's Christmas tree stand. Ron, the tool guy next door says I need to get a bigger pole and gave some tips about improving the stability. I'm saving that project for another day.

Vinny, my booth neighbor across from me, graciously donated buttons and his glue gun so she can "see." He also helped me adjust the Christmas tree stand.

"Heart" spent the day today proudly guarding my booth. Maybe it's a coincidence, but I had the best day today yet.  I was planning to hang her from the steel sign frame outside but I'm not sure. I think I need a "real" sign. I'm more of a vintage store, not a "horsey" store, the English saddle notwithstanding. While I'm making up my mind, about her future, she'll be standing at my door.

Stop by Aisle D at Renninger's on the flea market side if you're in the neighborhood. Earlybirds, take note, I take awhile to meander in because I have to pack up new merchandise in the mornings before flea market days. I generally stay late though.


  1. Oh it's perfect! Would you believe my mall won't let you name your booth or use business cards of any kind!!


  2. Thank you Carol. Hmm, maybe you can put a teeny shop name on your price tags, he he!

  3. I think your new horse sign is great!