Monday, December 12, 2011

5 Things Flea Market Vendors Should Know

Just a little vintage funny

In no particular order are a few things I learned this weekend. I know they are common sense but so easy to skip when you are busy.

  1. Organize your booth have a work area where you can SIT DOWN {what is that?}
  2. Keep a running list of what you sell ON PAPER and save the price of brain-wracking later.
  3. Get advice from other vendors but trust your taste. If you don't pay too much and make a mistake on knowing the true value, it's simply a lesson, nothing more, nothing less.
  4. Always offer to wrap an item, even if it cost you a dollar and you're selling it for two.
  5. A repeat customer is worth their weight in gold.
Feel free to add any tips you'd like to as a comment.  


  1. I agree!!!
    The best thing we did at Fancy Flea was cut every tag and tape it to paper. Now we can see what sold! You might already know this trick but it was new to us and worked for us!
    Also, thinking tailgating at the next extravaganza!

  2. STAY OUT OF YOUR BOOTH!!! I am amazed at how many vendors stand in their booths, not knowing that they are visually (if not physically) blocking people from entering and buying. Walk around and notice other vendors and their spaces... pretend you are a customer. Thanks for great reminders!

    1. The best way to get someone in your booth is to leave it, so true!

  3. Great idea Sue Bee, that does assume you get a tag on each piece!

  4. Great tips! Sue is talking about tailgating at Renningers. Can you think of any place all of us bloggers could meet,maybe for lunch? It is going to be hard to meet as we have no idea where we will be able to park.


  5. There is a Perkins just up the road with plenty of parking or Mount Dora but parking is kind of iffy there. There is a Chinese restaurant at the Stoneybrook Publix Plaza that is about 4 miles in the opposite direction with plenty of parking. Either one is good or if you have something different in mind, just let me know and I'll find out : )

  6. I thought we could set up in the parking lot at Renningers under all the trees. We can each bring our own lunch or buy it at Renningers. If the weather is good. We can figure this all out after the holidays...