Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Annie's Antiques at Webster Flea Market Annex

A little more than an hour's drive southwest of Mount Dora, Webster, Florida is the Monday destination of flea market regulars from Lake, Sumpter, and neighboring counties. Unlike many other flea markets, the Webster market is only open one day a week. Since I'm off this week for the holidays, I decided to head out early to see what they had.

One of my first stops was at the Antique Annex. I spent my entire visit in the Annex in Annie's shop. She kindly shared the finer points of valuing vintage pulleys with me and I got several photos of the vast merchandise selection.

These gauges are pretty cool

Vintage pin ball machine

Vintage Garage Cart

Finds from her shop that came home with me include a glass flower frog, a vintage paperweight, a vintage tambourine, an old-time washboard, 2 pulleys and a flax spinner. I hope it got that last one right. It's the spinner one uses before a spinning wheel. It's handmade and in great condition. The price was right and I'll be able to pass it on to a primitive collector who will love it. 

I didn't get photos of my buys mainly because I was too busy being sure they were in my pile before another buyer snagged them. But they will be showing up in my shop soon and hopefully I get pics before they get out of the door. 

Annie's shop in the Webster Flea Market Antique Annex is definitely a place I'll visit as often as I can : )

*If someone goes to the Antique Annex at Webster, Please tell Annie you read about it here* It's pretty far for me and I can't go often because of my job, but I love the Webster Flea Market!



  1. I have only been to Websters once, can you believe that! I have got to get there this year, preferably before it gets hot!


  2. Actually Carol, I can. Until yesterday I'd been there once only. That time I had no idea where I was going. Yesterday was better because some of the Renningers folks are vendors there and they gave me some much needed advice. Thanks Ron and Natasha!

  3. I really enjoy Webster Flea but I haven't been there for many years. There used to be another flea market about two miles down the road on the same day, just out in a big field...if you are coming from Leesburg area it is before you get to Webster on the same road...anyway always had great luck there and found many treasures!! Happy hunting!

  4. hi, Kitty. I haven't been to Webster for some time myself, but I always do enjoy it when I go. I look at it as good exercise. I get there early (with sunlight) and don't usually leave until after noon. I am trying to minimize my inventory that I have stored here at the house and storage so I am avoiding the market for a bit longer. When I was teaching I used to play hookey every once in a while and take a 3-day weekend just so I could go to Webster. We're lucky to have such a market close by. Hope to see you in January.

  5. Hi Denise, I need to stay away myself! Mr Vintage mentioned last night how much stuff I have in the house and storage so I shouldn't go again. I work Mondays so it won't become too much of an addiction but I could see how it could, lol!