Sunday, December 11, 2011

Another Week at Renningers Flea Market

The life of a flea market vendor is a busy one. I checked my "secret sources" 2 or 3 times this week on the way home from work and went to an auction on Saturday night and somehow managed to sit right by Zen Cowgirl before I knew where she was sitting. I had a great time with Patty Mae and her friend Dawn.

I got a passel of items at the auction. *Ticking fingers,* a shabby tween vanity, antique jugs ranging from 1 to 5 gallons, 2 ladderback chairs, 3 stained glass windows, an iron table with 2 ice cream chairs, a quilt and the list goes on. Let's just say I took a deep breath before I saw the total! But my formerly empty booth at The Ol' Packing House is full to the rafters.

Today's find of the day

I was planning to take pictures and tell you about my neighbor down the aisle at Renningers, Daphne, who has great stuff and a good eye. Somehow I got off this morning without my purse and therefore, no camera. I can't resist showing you an iPhone photo of the vintage mailbox I got from a fellow vendor today. I love the crown on top, the chippy paint and and even the Pony Express motif. Who'd have thought? This baby is in my booth on Aisle D of Renningers Flea Market. It is really all white but the light wasn't with me on this pic. If you're interested you should know that it is vintage and has associated wear and tear.

My big surprise of the day was how much people liked my hand-made tags. I gave shoppers a choice of tags with purchase and they were very well received. I sold several and just placed an order for 1,000 larger size tags. If this sounds ambitious, I made 500+ for my neice's wedding this summer and don't plan on making 1,000 at one time. I'm not that crazy!

I plan to be a better blogger next week and to get some pics with my "real camera."
Until then, Happy Pickin's.   


  1. Glad to hear you got new merchandise, that means you sold the old!! The mail box is wonderful!


  2. Love your treasures Kitty and I had a blast at my first auction. Your booth looks great. Until later! Patty Mae @ Zen Cowgirl