Sunday, December 4, 2011

Flea Market Update

Another weekend at the Flea Market is all wrapped up. I went all out and got lots of compliments on my booth but all I sold today was Christmas decorations. Vinny, my neighbor, told me I spent too much time fussing with decorations. Yesterday I sold decorations and regular items. Today I tore my booth up and closed early {it was slow anyway} to get something out to take to the Ol' Packing House in Umatilla, Fl.

My crazy plan is to keep the booth at Renningers plus have a half booth at The Ol' Packing House. Half of what I put in my booth today went home with me because I couldn't get the look I wanted. My booth {# 5} is half empty but if you see anything there {my booth only} that speaks to you tell Anthony or Ken that I said you could get 20% off. That includes the Murano and Egyptian pieces by the front desk {again for # 5 only.}

I'm turning into a bad blogger because I didn't get any pics of either booth today. The booth at Renningers looks great but I'm not happy with the way it looks to the camera. I guess I need to accept my booth for what it it, a flea market stall. I guess I got spoiled by my booth at Treasure Cove that was so easy to stage.

The Ol Packing House vendor's booths look great but I was too tired. Plus I promised Mr Vintage I'd take him to dinner for all of the hauling he did today. So I skipped out without getting any pics.

I did get some pics of other vendors at Renningers today. Frankie, my neighbor has the coolest stuff and people swarm his booth on Aisle D. Don't you just love his shop?

I had to add a few pics of another booth on Aisle D simply because its outside display is so fabulous. Looking at this booth makes me want to run out and buy a bike!

'Till next time,

Heart Vintage Design


  1. Oh girl you are burning it at both ends!! You poor thing and all during the holiday season. I have never heard of the ol Packing house, where is that !


  2. Hey Kitty, I always feel that everyone's booth is so wonderful and mine is just not "right". Comes with the territory. We get so familiar with everything in our booths and sometimes in our lives, it loses it's "sparkle". Like you I tear the booth apart and start over. That is what I am going to do in Jan., but December is certainly slump month. Sending you a smile. Will try to get to the Packing House! Later, Zen Cowgirl.

  3. Hi Carol, The Ol' Packing House is in Umatilla, Florida and it just opened up. It got it's name as it used to be the packing house for the orange juice plant next door. If I'm lucky I'll get to move to the antique side of Renningers instead of being on the flea market side. {crossed fingers!} Thanks for you comments and the posts on your blog. I love to read your posts and always go to them first!

  4. Hey Patty Mae, Thanks for the support. Your booth is beautiful but it's good to know you too struggle with getting the look right. Take care and I'll try to get by your booth during the next antique fair : )