Friday, December 23, 2011

My Lucky Finds This Week

Have you ever seen items that you know are vintage but you're still suspicious because they're in pristine shape? Without provenance or documentation, such items are worth much less than they would be otherwise. The better the documentation, the greater the value of the object.

I was lucky enough to buy some vintage items from the Scotch Grove Collection in very good shape lately. These jars were used to store small parts in the hardware store. I was able to get only three. Can you see that I'm in love with vintage numbers yet?
All of the items in the Scotch Grove Collection were purchased at an auction in Scotch Grove, Iowa, during mid-September, 2011. This three-day auction consisted of the contents of the entire town of Scotch Grove (7 land parcels and 12 buildings) which was owned by Balster's, the regions premier farm equipment, dry goods and grocery supplier. Balster's has been in business for 137 years, and many of the items are "NOS", or "new old stock", which have remained untouched in storage for over 50 years and look brand new. These new vintage and antique items are rare and many items from the Scotch Grove Collection will never be seen again in such pristine condition.

I was also able to score this set of two vintage Burch Brass Factory numbering stencils used to identity product location in the factory. They are solid brass with vintage paint patina and about 7 inches tall. You'll be seeing them on my mini-bags soon I'm sure. I missed out on the copper stencil below =/ It was 17" in diameter. What I could have created with that!

My final score was a vintage "new old stock" Master Blue Tip flat-folding wood ruler. It is rub proof and waterproof in absolute new, mint condition. I've wanted one ever since I saw one folded up in a star shape on a Christmas tree online. I don't remember what blog it was on, so please share if you know. 

Thanks for indulging me on this post. I can't wait to get my stencils and start creating. I'll show the jars to a particular customer and keep the folding rule for myself. You can't blame me, can you? 


  1. Looks like you have been having fun Kitty, love your new finds. Can't wait to see the bags.

    Patty Mae
    Zen Cowgirl

  2. I LOVE those jars and the tapes and stencil!!!! How lucky are you??