Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My "New" Bags

I made a few little mini-totes this week using fabric scraps, small canvas bags and two of my new stencils. I used Staz-On stamp pad ink for the top bag and applied it using a stencil brush. I thought the button was a nice touch. I think I'm going to have to get a sewing machine as I did the sewing by hand.

The "patch" is a small pocket I added for aesthetic effect as an afterthought. I like the way it appears to be patched. I told Frankie of Packratz pick a bag out when he gave me a fantastic deal on a vintage automobile oil jar and spout and he told me I was practically stealing it. After he put the guilt trip on me it was the least I could do. It's now hanging in his shop.

Frankie is renowned for his taste in primitive design so I spent an hour afterward picking through my buddy Vinny's vintage buttons for future versions along this line.

I used ordinary craft paint to stencil this bag. Again I used a stencil brush. I love fonts and this one spoke to me. I had the heart stencil from years ago and used a French art stamp for the number. 

I will be taking them to the January Extravaganza at Renninger's Antiques. I figure I can put purchases in them if no one buys them. 

Of course, I'm hoping they will. *Crossed fingers.*


  1. They turned out lovely and I am sure you will sell out! If no one buys them, well they just don't know something good when they see it!


  2. Cute bags! I love alphabet stamps, I have several and love to play with them. Thanks for stopping by! Merry Christmas!