Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Photoshoot in My Future?

Our backyard is a National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat
I got some interesting news today. It seems someone wants to use our backyard for a professional photoshoot. Mr. Vintage talked to the location manager but was so busy trying to help them work on the logistics and additional shooting locations that he didn't ask who was doing the shoot. You have to wonder about his priorities!

I planted the native long leaf pines about 10 years ago. 
When we got married 18 years ago, the yard was pretty plain. Over the years, I planted cypress trees, long leaf pines, laurel oaks, ferns and confederate jasmine. At least that's what survived. The yard is much greener than it was when Mr. Vintage cut the grass too short and let the sun burn it to reduce the need to mow.

If the photoshoot actually comes to be, I'm hoping to pick up some photo styling tricks. I need all of the help I can get!!! I'll keep you posted. 


  1. That sounds very exciting...can't wait to see what comes of it!


  2. Oh your yard is fabulous...What do you mean he did not find out who was doing the shoot....Men, Oh heads up Barr Display is moving soon i don't know when, they are going to OBT, so give a call to them before you go to make sure they are still there, be sure to tell them I sent you...Even though you have been there before, we want more dress form giveaways!



  3. Hi Carol, I will be sure to do that. Love your dress forms!