Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cold Day at the Flea

Baby, it was cold today at the flea market. Luckily my vendor neighbors convinced me to keep the old carpet in my booth when I moved in. A combination of a western exposure and the carpet kept my booth warm enough. I swear that it was 3-4 degrees cooler in the aisle and more than that in the booths opposite me. That didn't stop the snowbirds though, and the locals began trickling in around noonish.

Sweet Little Faces

 The cold didn't stop me though. As usual, I found a few items for my shop at the flea as well. My buddy Vinny found a collection of little Christmas ornament angels at a yard sale. They are in great shape. Being a guy he wasn't nearly as impressed with their angelic faces as I was and they promptly moved across the aisle.

I also snagged a Buddha bust from the 1880's. A little research reveals that wide-spread immigration from Japan at that time was followed by Korean immigration starting in 1886. I spent a couple of summers teaching English in Korea in the 1990's and believe this is a Korean Buddha. At one point the bust was likely attached to a much larger body. The bust is hollow and stands on its own. Perhaps someone brought him over or maybe he belonged to an American intellectual as Buddhism was a topic of discussion among educated people at that time.

I planned to distress and shabby him up when I first spotted him. But now that I realize he's a true antique, I've  decided to leave him as. He has a faded patina and some rust.I think he's aged quite well.  Vinny found him being kept out in the elements as a yard ornament. He will be at the January 2012 Mount Dora Renninger's Extravagana unless someone gets him first.

It's a chilly 47 degrees right now but it should warm up to 73, so I need to run to get ready to do it all over again. I wonder what I'll find today?


  1. Stopping by to say hi and see what you are up to. Shopping? I think that is a lovely way to pass time :). The Buddha is you have just the place for him?

  2. Hi Janel, I am getting so much stuff that I'll put him up for sale so he can make someone happy. I do think the Buddha is a nice piece. I'm off to check out your page : )

  3. I think us Florida girls are just plain spoiled, your blog friends from up north are going to laugh at 47 being chilly with it warming up to 73 LOL!


  4. Hi, my name is Heather! Please email me when you can, I have a question about your blog!