Sunday, January 29, 2012

Loving my New Stamp!

Some of you may know that I'm a stamper on hiatus from stamping. My particular areas of stamping are postmarks, typography & scripts, and vintage design. So when I saw StampoutOnline's Etsy shop, I jumped at the chance to get a stamp for hang tags for my items at HeartVintageDesign that reflect my design  aesthetic. I saw a similar custom order they'd done and they made the changes for me. The numbers 10.10.10 are simply part of the design reflecting my use of random numbers in some of my work.

I particularly like that my stamp came mounted on a block [clear was a plus] because I'm over custom stamps with shallow indentations mounted on flimsy pieces of plastic. This is a small company run by women who know stamps and produce a quality product you'll want to use. I've ordered several custom stamps in the last few years and this is the first one that came with any plastic protector for shipping. It's clear so I swiped it over a Staz-On ink pad so you can see it. 

Here I painted a bit of latex paint over a shipping tag before stamping. The stamp makes a crisp line, any fading you see is due to my "stamping off" to give the stamp character. I used Staz-On ink because it's one of my favorites and will stay on nearly anything without any fuss. 

Upon seeing the tags, Mr Vintage, a most logical yet creative person said the stamps were too big for the tag. I was ready for that. I have larger tags but my target customer is creative and would find a perfectly centered stamp boring. 

I was not compensated by StampoutOnline for this post and simply want to share this quality product with other artists looking to "brand" their handmade creations. Be aware that quality work takes time but no longer than other custom stamps I've ordered from other companies.

If you have an opinion about the design "running off" the edge of the tag, please leave let me know what you think. I'm always open to hearing what others have to say about design issues. 


  1. That stamp is AWESOME! I love stamping too...I like it going off the edge like that. Cute!


  2. Your tags look great. Nice design. Thanks so much for visiting my blog, and for the nice compliment.

    1. Thank you and I absolutely love your work!

  3. I agree it should be off the edge. (Tell Mr. Vintage that comes from a fellow artist)

  4. Thanks Anna! I think he's beginning to get the message!

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