Saturday, January 21, 2012

My List for the Next Antique Show

It's 5:38 am and I've been up since 4 am. Why you ask? If you're doing the antique show at Renningers this weekend, you probably know there's a ton of stuff to do. It looks so easy but selling vintage is a labor of love.

Thursday afternoon we set up the tent and loaded the big items in. I priced them and before I knew it, I had to go to bed to get up for my day job. Friday, I paid someone to staff my booth so I could do the work that lets me afford to start this little business. Friday is dealer day and nothing sold until I got there.

I spent a couple of hours after the show closed changing my prices to be competitive with others in the show. I went to be at 8 pm, exhausted. Now I'm writing my personal list for the next one [in no particular order]. Maybe it will help you too.

  1. Measure out the floor area of your tent [I bought one for the price of a rental last time and can use it over and over] and plan where your tables will go. 
  2. Decide which big pieces you'll take and how to showcase them. Draw your placements out on your floor plan.
  3. Do some online comparison of prices before you price items.
  4. Leave a list of exact instructions and information if you need to have help and can't be there.
  5. Remember to get change if you spent all if it at the last show you went to [don't ask why this one is on the list.]
  6. Pack your smalls in advance pre-priced.
  7. Bring one and five dollar bills for change. Always try to get exact change if possible.
  8. Remember to bring a small cooler with drinks and a sandwich.
  9. Thanks to antique appraiser Kenneth Bremmer for this one: the best buying times are also the best selling times, so stay in your booth and sell even if your end of the market isn't busy yet [opps.]
  10. Don't be the first to pack up. Many days I sell after many of the other dealers are gone.
  11. Write measurements of large pieces on the tags and have a tape measure handy.
  12. Bring a flashlight, hammer, sandpaper, tags, string, tags etc for a multiple day event [you'd be surprised how much you'll need stuff your forgot to bring.]
  13. I always have baby wipes for cleaning my hands when I can't wash them.
I'm sure I'll add to this tonight. Right now I'm off to get dressed and to look for my camera bag I know I had it last night. it's got to be here somewhere!


  1. I'm up with you! I hope to get to Renningers tomorrow, where are you? Good luck!

  2. Hey I just got to check my e-mail at 9 pm tonight. I'm in space 88 in the reserve section by the bathrooms behind the consignment area. Lots going on today : )

  3. Great advise, keep it coming, yep I plan on haveing everything priced before the fancy flea! But lay out is important I will work on that


    1. Something I learned this weekend is to move stuff around on day two {Renningers is a 3 day show} for the folks that come multiple days. Thanks to my booth neighbor for that tip : )

  4. The tape measure if a great idea I never would have thought of!


    1. You never what you need until you really need it, lol.