Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Happy Announcement

Last weekend at Renningers Antique Fair was a blast for a lot of reasons. One I've kept under my hat is that I had three offers to wholesale my hand-stamped work. Since I need to sleep [sometime] and don't plan to quit my day job anytime soon, there was no way I could take on wholesaling.

Embellished canvas bags
However, I can make small quantities for my friend Dawn Hudson, owner of Treasures of Then and Now, a Mount Dora gift shop. I went down to see her new store Tuesday in the Renaissance building for the first time since she moved up closer to the front. I brought a couple of bags with me. She had a nice little spot for them.

Dawn hung them on one of her slat board displays. Don't they look good there?  I fell in love with the clothes from Paris Rags and pulled a few items over because I thought they'd go well together.  Of course, I can use a lesson or two in the styling department, this photo doesn't do the clothes justice.

Dawn loves and sells jewelry to die for. Most is modern but she has a collection of quality vintage jewelry too. Are you seeing a theme here? She has a lot of stuff with a French twist. Ooh la la.

Love the hair bow 
Dawn rounds out her inventory with candles gifts, accessories and surprisingly reasonably priced wigs. I am happy to see her become so successful. We met as vendors at a now-closed indoor flea market. Both of us were forced to grow when it closed suddenly.

Sometimes when a door is closed, a window opens instead. For now I'm going to hope she can sell them this weekend when she'll get a boatload of traffic from  the Mount Dora Craft Fair. Fingers crossed!


  1. Oh, your bags look right at home, I love them all fancied up!! I have got to get back up to Mt. Dora and see all of the new shops!


    1. Thank you Carol, just like you said, a bag needs a little gussying up sometimes : )

  2. Cute bags! They look great in the shop!

  3. I think that your work fits perfectly with her vintage pieces and lovely jewelry. I'm sure you'll be making more real soon.
    Thanks for following my blog. It's so nice to meet you.
    I'm a new follower of yours and will be back to see you soon.


  4. Thank you Sissie. I love the vintage look and can't wait to explore the possibilities of creating more useful things that have a special je ne sais quoi : )

  5. Your creations are beautiful. Best of luck with your sales.

  6. @Rosemary, that is a real compliment coming from you. Right now I'm working with some gesso on a project that was inspired by your work : )