Sunday, March 25, 2012

What we like and where we are going

     According to Urban Art and Antiques, age isn't a great predictibility of value especially with younger collectors.
Not an antique but charming 
     "For sure, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but when more folks desire one thing over another, that gives it market value. It would also seem the younger the customer is, the less older means better. "

     Take this box for example, while traditionalists preferring 18th century dry sinks turn up their nose at a display such as this, everyone else wants it even if just for the box itself. This box is definitely vintage [over 20 years old with redeeming aesthetic value.]
     The owner is pricing it at $60 and hopes to get it. As dealers know today, it's all about "the look." While old-style antiquers bemoan the addition of folk antiques to the markets in general, they will need to keep the younger collectors in mind. Otherwise, they will lose out to the flea market phenomenon which is very hot with them right now. 
     Check the article referenced above. It offers some interesting insight on what's for sale and what's actually selling. Hmm, they're not the same… So where is the market going to be 10 years down the road? 


  1. Food for thought! i love that we are seeing more and more of the young people shopping for antiques


  2. In the antique business for 12 yrs----times and customers change and shops need to change also. We go with the flow, but try to show old can live happily with newer trends. Makes for an interesting and eclectic home!

  3. Is that a chicken coupe thingie that those petunias are planted in? That's so neat! Thanks for becoming a follower, now I'm your newest! Blessings, Tammy