Monday, May 14, 2012

Insider's Guide to to Shopping at Renningers in Mount Dora

Most antiquers and thrifters know that there are bargains to be found at the Antique Fairs and Antique Extravaganzas at Renningers Twin Markets in Mount Dora, Florida. The markets are set up with the Farmers and Flea market on the left and the Antique Market on the right, hence the moniker "Twin Markets." Both sides are chock full of treasures waiting to go to their forever homes. Yet few casual shoppers know the ins and outs of the twin markets, so here are a few tips to help you plan your visit. 

The two sides are set up a bit differently and are run by different managers. Both markets have food vendors and clean restrooms making for a comfortable, leisurely visit. If you are traveling a distance to visit the market, consider coming during one of the special events to make it a day or even a weekend. Check Renningers website for more information

The antique side (352) 383-8393 is open every Friday through Sunday from 9 am until 5 pm. Antiques and collectibles are the primary items available for sale. The third weekend of each month there is an antique fair with additional vendors in the Antique Pavilion located behind the air conditioned Antique Center. Admission to the fairs is free. 

Three times a year, in November, January and February, an Antique Extravaganza is held with many more vendors spread out in tents and under a second covered pavilion. There is a reasonable admission fee for these events and it's worth every penny. Dealers from all over the country converge to create a shopping experience you'll remember for years to come. The variety of merchandise available is staggering. 

The second Sunday of each month, a special event called "Guitars and Cars" is held. A combination of musician and automotive swap meets, the cost of admission is a very reasonable $2.00. Children are free. Other events are held on the Twin Market property including an annual Civil War Re-enactment complete with calvary horses and cannons. 

The farmers and flea market side (352) 383-3141is open every weekend from 8 am until 4 pm and is free. Along with permanent vendors in air conditioned booths, there are vendors under cover along with additional vendors located in tents out in the field behind the buildings. The merchandise varies widely from new items to antiques. Each area of this market has its own "personality." There is even a section known unofficially as "Antique Row" located on aisle D. 

To sum it up, shopping the Renningers Twin Markets is a pleasant way to locate antiques, collectibles and more at fair market prices.

This article, along with others on the Fancy Flea Show in Lakeland. Florida, appeared in the second issue of Vintage Finds. For a free download of the entire issue follow the previous link to Thrift Happy's website. Each issue includes a listing of shopping/thrifting opportunities in Florida. Hard copies are available for purchase also. 

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  1. I just moved to Mount Dora in December and Rennigers is one of my favorite things to do. Thank you for your site full of information and goodies.