Saturday, June 30, 2012

2012 Vintage Garden Show at Renningers, Mt Dora

I try to post at least once a week but I guess I'm a bad blogger this summer. I've been consumed by stuff I have to do including taking classes in a city nearly 2 hours away. But I did take a morning out to visit the Vintage Garden Show at Renninger's Antique Center in Mount Dora today.

The French Nest, located in Adjectives, Altamonte and College Park

It was all that you would expect an event at Renningers to be. Great vendors featuring a variety of vintage themes with attractive displays were out selling. I saw a lot of "sold"stickers and saw that they were making sales early in the morning. I got there before 9 am and the show started at eight. 

Chici's Cottage Style

I saw a lot of vendors I know and some I didn't. It was nice seeing the people from other areas displaying merchandise I hadn't seen before. Kathy Gonzalez of Vintage Finds Magazine was there taking pictures and I'll bet she writes an article about the show. 

Prism (Thanks Cathy for the ID)

I posted more pictures from the show on Facebook on my page, so mosey over and check them out. The vendors spent a lot of time showcasing their displays and surely you'll find some inspiration : )


  1. I forgot about the show, but I just got back from NY so had to much to do. You girl are everywhere, I see how busy you are on FB, and the classes you are taking, plus your booths.


  2. Hi Carol, too busy. I am blessed that another vendor is running my booth at Mount Dora for me through July and Adjectives was packed pretty full so it's good to go. How's the wedding planning coming along?

  3. Kitty, I believe the photo with the ladder was "Prism", who also have the cute store on the "Street of Shoppes". You can visit Nicole and Brian every weekend there...they just came back from a buying trip from the north, so they have lots of new goodies!