Sunday, June 17, 2012

Adjectives: Full Speed Ahead

Adjectives continues to blow vintage merchandise out of the door. Nearly everything over $25 is 10% off through 7 pm tonight. Through June 30, 2012 I'm also selling my signs at 50% off [except for the heart-shaped flag.] Adjectives staff is unaware of this offer so you'll have to show them this post either on your phone or with a printed out copy of this blog post. Per Adjectives policy, all sales are final and this offer does not pertain to sales already made.

Luckily I have several crowns [one of the few vintage inspired as opposed to actual vintage items I sell.] Here's what my booth looked like yesterday.

Thanks Karsen for staging my booth last week

Wiry delights

For smaller royal subjects 
For the larger royals

Love lumbar pillows

Please excuse the iPhone photos. My camera was in my car and I didn't have enough time to run down and get it before I had to leave. You can keep up with Adjectives Market by signing up for their newsletter. It truly is a destination shopping experience. I hope to see you there one of these days.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Kathy and I went yesterday!! What a great place.
    We will be back..

  2. Just found out that I can't get any more crowns. I have a few not at Adjectives that I'll hang on to until the fall shows.

  3. Your blog design makes it very difficult to read/see.

    1. Try adjusting the backlight of your monitor. I can see it just fine.

  4. I can see it all just fine, too! Beautiful stuff--I see you're all set up! Yahoooo! <3