Monday, June 4, 2012

Jessica's Tutorial for Chalkboards

Almost a year ago, my niece Jessica got married. She had a bird and music centered vintage theme that "required" lots of picking and shopping.

One of the reception centerpieces
In my frenzy to help my sister plan the wedding I got back into the vintage market telling myself I'd sell what I acquired and be done with it after the event. Ha ha! The joke was on me. Now I see Jessica caught the bug and posted her first tutorial on her Facebook page. I just have to share : )

Found some old mirrors in my moms attic.
Took the mirrors out.
Spray painted them.
Used chalkboard paint and a roller to cover the mirrors.
The finished product! 
She used them as photoshoot props. Way to go Jessica!

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  1. Thanks for the tutorial. I just did one almost exactly like these, but I didn't even think about using the mirror. I had masonite cut and then did the chalkboard paint on it. I'll have to try using the mirror next time.
    I just ran into you over at Debbiedoo's and now Im following you. Please come visit me at and maybe you'll follow back??? THANKS.

    1. Thanks for the visit, Debbie. I am following you now and love the posts on your blog : )

  2. Love this post and the "feel" of your blog. Thanks for visitng me yesterday through Atelier de Campagne. I'll be back for more.

    Mary Jane

  3. These came out so great, fun idea to use them for a photo backdrop. :)

  4. I think they held them after writing on them. I haven't seen the photos yet : )

  5. We love when people catch our crazy bug! You are so right about industrial and metal items selling, I just picked up an old metal tool box at the thrift today, I know it will sell.


  6. Not only is Jessica, so is her sister Alisha and their mom!