Monday, July 30, 2012

Fall is Coming!

Mr Vintage, two helpers and I spent a combined 14 hours moving out of my booth at Renningers Flea Market today in 98 degree heat. I took some items out and down to Adjectives Market before they got started, so I didn't spend as many hours in the heat as they did. I'm ready for fall.

As I was leaving Adjectives to help move, I came upon a most welcome sight in the lobby. A fabulously faded carpet grounded this fall scene. Designed by Dawn Williams of When Pigs Fly Again, it was a welcome sight.  I think Dawn's raised the bar and everyone is going to get going on a fall theme.

Check out the huge basket and bales of hay. I think maybe I feel a breeze ...


  1. What a great arrangement! Oh, I hope we feel a breeze soon, only we both know it will be 3 months before we do UUUGGGHHH!


  2. Thanks Kitty! it was alot of fun putting the basics togther for this display, as FALL approaches and hopefully cooler days the display will continue to evolve into AUTUMN heaven I promise!

    1. You're welcome and I love your display. {Got my eye on that carpet, too]