Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Favorite Inspiration

I get inspirations from everywhere and often can't pinpoint exactly where. Right now European stylist Nina Hartmann is a favorite and I suspect she will be for a long time. 

Nina has an understated sophisticated yet honest style that instantly speaks of old Europe. It speaks to me. Amazingly, Nina is aware of the Magnolia Pearl clothes at Adjectives and loves them. So who knows, maybe someday I'll get to meet her. You never know...


  1. yes, I can see why- her stuff is sensational!!


  2. Love her style! I can see why you do, too!!!

  3. Hello. WE are happy to see this. We at Atelier de Campagne are representing Nina and her only wholesale agents in North America. Contact us if interested in acquiring this book wholesale or to find out where to get a copy. If it's inappropriate to have this comment, I apologize. I just know people would like to know how to acquire it.


    1. Hello. I am honored that you stopped by my blog and you're welcome anytime to let people know about Nina's book : )