Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Neighbors At Adjectives Market

I'm happily getting settled into my new vintage market home at Adjectives Market. Carol of Rainbow Vintage will be taking my booth at Renningers Flea Market. She's a great picker and has years of experience. I'll be visiting her every weekend I'm sure. Part of giving up my booth there was to give me more time to create and pick, my favorite things : )

On to today's post… I've got great neighbors at Adjectives and will be writing about them occasionally as the inspiration hits. This week my inspiration is the neighbor to my right, the Magnolia Pearl Boutique.

It's full of fluttery clothes designed to live in [in a fabulous way.]

I snagged this pic from Magnolia Pearl's blog
The boutique is quiet, restful and inspirational. 

Everything is well thought out down to the mimimalist farmhouse decor. Adjectives in general is a great place to get design ideas. How about this one for your next closet? I could live with this… 

 Be sure to stop in when you're in the area. Adjectives is air conditioned [a huge plus in this July Florida heat] and is the best collection of vintage wares in the Greater Orlando area. There is a steady stream of vintage dealers from other areas passing through. That should tell you something...


  1. Great stuff!! So happy you're happy at your new spots!

  2. Great post Kitty! I love Adjectives, the minute I walk in the door I feel welcome!!

  3. Great post Kitty! Adjectives is a wonderful place...always something new and exciting going on! Nice people, beautiful atmosphere!

  4. Update: Carol didn't take over my booth in the end. Now it's a tie-dye dress shop. Go figure.