Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Springfield Antique Barn

I got a chance to visit the Springfield Antique Barn in Springfield, Tennessee again yesterday. This is a two story barn with what seems like hundreds of booths. I found a few great treasures including the precious baby shoe forms, the bias relief globe and the tournament bowling pin shown above. Temporarily stored in by brother's garage are a couple of pieces of chippy architectural trim that still have the nails sticking out. 

This place is huge and tends to carry more "traditional" antiques as opposed to the vintage industrial pieces I tend to favor. But by careful picking, assisted by my talented sister Sharon and ever patient Mr Vintage, I was able to find some great treasures to bring back with me. I am still thinking about a couple of pieces I'd like to pick up on the way back but the dealer and are are too far apart on the price right now. 

Richard, one of the owners, is coming to the November Extravaganza at Renningers. He has a fantastic collection of vintage broaches and is always looking for more at the right price. Speaking of the right price, I might be renting a trailer to come back home. It seems my brother has a few pieces he's sending to Florida on a vacation… maybe to your house!

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  1. Hey, these two pieces are special. My sister is going to pick them up on Thursday.