Sunday, August 19, 2012

Flower Power & Heart Vintage Design

All is well at Heart Vintage Design. Having the weekends to catch up on the week instead of running my booth has been great. I'm still spending as much time total running the business but I'm running it more efficiently these days. I've added hand dyed crinkled seam binding to my booth at Adjectives Market  mainly to be used for gift wrap along with the paper flowers that are selling like hotcakes.

Let it be known that I had no intention of getting into the paper flower business. I brought some in to merchandise a crate. I left at 7:30 pm  and saw [online] when I got home they'd sold. How could that be? The store closes at 7 pm. The next time I was in, I learned that the owner of another vintage mall was in the store and bought them all. So I brought in more to merchandise my crate. They sold too. So I brought in a big basket of paper flowers and most of them sold plus the buyer wanted to know if I could make them in pink for a wedding shower. So I guess I'm in the paper flower business and I have some stacks of dyed paper drying in my oven as I type. I've added 6 yard packages of crinkled seam binding to go with the flowers.

Due to an unavoidable logistical conflict, we won't be doing the show at Bella Rustica this year with Hunter's Crossing. I believe that all things work out the way they are supposed to most of the time [despite the turmoil they put as through as we experience them] and I think this is a case in point. I'm going to leave the link to Bella Rustica on my page up, please visit their site and see what the hoopla is all about. It's a great show but at a difficult time for a full time teacher to get away to.

I've added some new designs to my feed sack photo album, check it out and comment if you have any suggestions for designs. I'll have some new designs coming in the weeks to come including some seasonal Halloween designs.

I'm signing off for now, do come in and see us at Adjectives Market if you get the opportunity.


  1. I'm so glad you are not running in a million different directions and you can concentrate on Adjectives. Love the flowers, I will have to try the seam binding. I am doing well with rolled sheet music, bingo cards, and French book pages, sounds like you have the audience


  2. I just got this, Carol. Thanks for stopping my. I'm popping over to your blog : )

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