Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Good Problem to Have…Etsy to the Rescue

I guess I've got a good problem to have, that is people from other places seeing my photos on Facebook and wanting to buy my bags. The problem is that I don't really have the time to set up my blog for online sales. What to do? The answer was under my nose the entire time. I'm slowly starting to list on my Etsy page that had gone unused for months. 

I decided to bit the bullet and use Direct Checkout so a potential buyer doesn't have to navigate to Paypal. It does cost more but as a buyer I want things as simple as possible [and dealing with Paypal was one reason my Etsy page was gathering dust] and I think my customers deserve the same. 

If you have a moment, mosey over to my Etsy page and give me a view. It doesn't look like much right now but I've ordered a semi-custom Etsy Shop set with a header that will spiff it up a bit. Currently, I'm working on some projects for international customers that will be listed as reserve. 

If you're local to the Central Florida area, come in and check out what I've got at Adjectives Market for the best selection of my work. I'm located upstairs near the spectacular Magnolia Pearl booth. If you have an Etsy page, give me the URL in a comment so I check your stuff out  >^..^<


  1. Good luck! I will check your page out!!


  2. I am so excited to have found your page! I am just a babe in the woods here. This is all so new to me. I just started a blog a few months ago, and frankly, haven't really gotten involved in it yet. I did open an Etsy shop to inspire me to get serious. And now I find you, here in Central Florida. I am in Tampa and would love to make a visit to the market to see you and your "stuff". (Does "stuff" offend you? I hope not; I look at "stuff" as a term of endearment!) I will definitely follow you and will be in touch later to see where you are going to be that I might come visit.
    My Etsy shop is at, and I would love to have you come visit and any critique you can give me, would be wonderful. Your graphics are all totally wonderful!!!!
    Susan aka cats