Sunday, November 4, 2012

It's About More Than Selling

I had a great day at the Fancy Flea yesterday. But selling there isn't all about the money. There are always the intangible rewards if you are open to seeing them.

I had a feel good moment when I sold an "When I am sad, I stop being sad and start being awesome" burlap bag to a mother as a gift to her daughter going through her first breakup. I took extra care and tied a nice seam binding bow around the rolled up bag that would be a gift to the heartbroken 16 year old.

I consider myself blessed to be drawn into my buyer's lives in such an intimate way for a microburst of time. I wonder if that burlap pillow slip will become a cherished possession or garage sale fodder in a couple of years. But again, does it really matter what happens down the road? What matters now is that hopefully a young lady will feel "awesome" for a least a moment.

I choose to think that a mother's gift will help a young lady on the way to adulthood. That's what really matters...


  1. How sweet, I know you had a great day, I am doing a FF post tomorrow and have your booth in it!