Saturday, December 15, 2012

Burlap bags: Not just for Pillows Anymore

An actual Facebook comment on one of my burlap bags was "I love it. What is this and what do you do with it?"I hear that from people who are visiting my booth Heart Vintage Design located on the second floor of Adjectives Market in Altamonte Springs, Fl. whenever I'm there.  I also sell burlap bags at the seasonal Extravaganzas at Renningers Antique Center in Mount Dora and the Fancy Flea in Lakeland and find myself explaining how burlap can be used wherever I am.

My booth at the Renningers Antique Christmas Show

Many people have no idea of what they can do with my bags. For that reason, I generally display them with pillow forms. But you can do a lot more with burlap bags. They can be used as valance curtains for windows. Instead of using hot glue to make rod pockets, the bags can be attached to a rope strung across the window using clothespins.

Image via Pinterest
I've had people buy my burlap bags to use as placemats and as an eco-friendly giftwrap for Christmas presents. They can be used to make handbags and just about anything you would make from fabric. I regularly sell burlap to be used for upholstery.  I recently sold one of my "You Is" bags a young lady was going to frame as a gift for her best friend. 

This bag is one of my best sellers
Another customer had the same idea and framed hers. See it on my recent post. 

Check out the burlap gift wrap on the left. Via Pintrest

I'm sure there a ton more uses for burlap bags. If you know of some I've left out, please leave a comment and fill me in. Until next time, Kitty

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  1. Hi I was up at Adjectives a week ago and had fun snooping your fabulous booth!