Sunday, February 24, 2013

Junk or Treasure?

I did some great picking today only to have Mr Vintage give my great junk a disapproving look when checked out my treasures. Why is it that woman after woman [that I know] will say that their husbands hate their junk? Could it be that we are just natural nesters and collectors? Could it be that I only know dealers?

Image via Cornell University

I apologize for stereotyping women as collecters. I know that there must be exceptions to this stereotype but I just don't know any. I tried to do some research but what I found [to my surprise] is articles about packrat husbands.

I think it's a great piece. 
I need some support here. Help me out! So is this stuff junk or treasure? Mr. Vintage thinks it should all go to the dump.  I promise that it's all for sale if that helps!


  1. Treasure! Love the ladders.

  2. I say treasure too! That's exactly why I don't shop (pick) with Mr.CL! They (husbands) don't have the vision is what I have decided! I look at the "stuff" and I can see it painted- or having another purpose- when he would say THAT? LOL! So I try not to let him influence me on what I find!!! Just go with your instinct! It's a "girl Thang" I guess!

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