Saturday, March 16, 2013

Why I'm AWOL from Heart Vintage Design

It's a beautiful day in Central Florida but I'm pretty calm freaking out about having a national commercial shot on my backyard dock on Thursday. I just found out that we were selected last night. 

I wish I could tell you it was my outside decor that brought them here but it was the dock. This will be our 3rd commercial shoot but we knew about the others weeks in advance. 

The shoot won't be on the best day for me, the last day of school before spring break [in my daytime life I teach high school] but of course I'm going to take off to be sure everything goes alright. And stay inside and work on stuff for the Flea hang out doing nothing but taking photos and answering the occasional question that comes my way. 

The technical crew came by today to see what they had to work with. They want to be able to use my dryer and wanted to see my kitchen to possibly use it for a shot. Okay, I'm sure some antique dealers have perfect houses but mine functions as a studio and I really hope they decide someone else has a fabulous kitchen for that shot.  I talked them into just letting three people in instead of the whole crew. The director liked a glass paperweight I had sitting on the dishwasher and bought it on the spot. He plans to use it in the shot of the kitchen.

It was similar to this one but the bubbles were bigger
I assume everyone has a GPS but everyone on the  some of the crew had trouble finding the right house. I could have cut the vine but the numbers are still pretty small.   And I like the way the vine trails over the wall. Plus I'm partial to the faux finish I did on the plaque. Finding the right house is pretty important as time is limited for this shoot and having people in the wrong place is confusing and expensive.

So I had to do something. I decided to make a sign with the house numbers so I slapped some gesso on an old canvas I had and glued some newspaper on it. Then I sprayed it with walnut spray and let it dry. I scraped the newsprint off with a paint scraper and traced some numbers on it. Then I sort of followed the lines of the stencil with a 1" paint brush. Voila, a sign I can put out on the day of the shoot.

Do you think they'll be able to figure this one out?

More to come later but I can't reveal who's making it until it airs…


  1. Have a great Spring Break !!!

  2. So fun that they are using your dock for a commercial. I live in New Jersey and signed up with a company to try to get our house in commercials and movies, but no luck so far. Sounds like it would be fun for a day or two and then nice to get back to normalcy.

  3. It is fun but it happened by freak accident. Tiger Woods did a commercial nearby and the production company had seen our dock. It helps if the house is not too near and there is an empty lot nearby for all of the trucks, RV's and generators they need to bring. Without that, I doubt they'd be using our dock.

  4. SHOOT...Yes they should be able to find your house! Can't wait to hear all about it!