Sunday, June 23, 2013

Project Done With Stolen Time

As my regular readers know, I'm currently missing in action due to my husband's recent surgery. He'll be fine but in the meantime I'm doing everything around the house plus my summer cleaning [pulling hair out.] Even so, I managed to steal a few moments at a time to work on a Christmas sign. I've been admiring the chalkboard projects I've seen online but I have no idea how they were created. So I figured it out on my own.

Christmas? In order to get items ready for the November shows, vendors are at least thinking about Christmas in the summer. I had a tough time keeping up with orders last year so I thought I'd get a jump on it this year.

One step at a time, I dug a piece of wood out of my pile, scrubbed it with Murphy's Oil Soap, and got a couple of base coats on it. Next came the fun part, stenciling followed by sanding. So what do you think?

It's pretty big don't you think? I think it would look great framed with reclaimed wood.

The wood was pretty beat up. I think it adds to the charm. It was a great creative release to steal away a few minutes to make something again. I hope to sneak in a few more signs for the November Fancy Flea. Stay tuned.

Little update: Maybe I'm not as with it as I thought. I picked up a chicken dinner at Publix last night and hid the rest of the chicken in the oven to keep the cats out of it while I finished fixing up the plates. I promptly forgot all about it until this morning, lol. Caregiving is hard work. I have new respect for everyone who is in a caregiving situation. 


  1. Beautiful sign. You did a great job!! This is something I want to try soon. I am collecting (online) tutorials, fonts and examples and have recently acquired some old wood. So I think it's time I got busy, right? lol

    1. Thank you. Although I like looking at tutorials, I most enjoy playing with paint and seeing what I end up with! I look forward to seeing your creations.

  2. Care giving is exhausting! Kitty, I think I am going to do the November FF show...I want to talk to you about it sometime soon. I think your signs are great and how great are you to think ahead!!! I will message you and give you my phone number. I am going to see if I can find a way to contact you...Maybe FB