Sunday, June 2, 2013

Taking a Break

I had simple, yet to me, great plans for the summer. I just wanted to clean my house, do artwork, and organize my vintage stuff. I also wanted to catch up with friends on lazy coffee dates and lunches. I thought maybe we could go to the beach for an afternoon. Maybe I could catch up on some paperwork.

 It's been a crazy 3 years since I changed from a middle school to a high school [I am a teacher in my day job.] I started my flea market booth at that time partly because I wanted to escape the drama in my work and to have a creative outlet. Maybe my move tilted the earth on its axis as it seems that my whole life turned around at that time.

On the eve of my job interview, my husband and another friend discovered a college friend murdered in his home during a robbery. Steve and I sat around in shock for a month then it was time to go back to work. Six months later my mother died two days before Christmas. The wonderful support system I had at my other school was sadly missing when I found myself having to explain to a secretary on the phone in front of my class that yes my mother had died because she had to fill out her paperwork and I didn't have the presence of mind to ask her if I could call her back. It was a dark and lonely time but I was sustained by the knowledge that things had to get better.

Last summer I attended the trial of Jeff's murderer. Immediately afterward I was off to the University of Florida for the summer semester. My entire summer was lost and I got more behind on taking care of my personal business. Until Jeff's trial, I worked my booth every weekend at the flea market so I had no spare time. This year my mantra was that "This will be my summer" to do what I need to do.

However, my actual destiny is different.  Friday was my first [and possibly last] day of delicious freedom. My husband saw his doctor and is planning his having this 3rd hip replacement surgery in 10 years to be 13 days from now. I am at a loss as to how I can get the house ready for visiting nurses and such. I know the drill.

I promise I'll get everything worked out, but it won't be easy. Hopefully some life lessons will come from this. I will be back in the fall but don't think I'll get a lot of posting done for a while.


  1. Hi Kitty,
    I am right there with you...all my plans for the last couple of years seem to have gotten thwarted, except for a precious few. You are amazing with all you do, and I know you will handle this too. A hubby recuperating can be a challenge, but you have that can do attitude!!

    Blessings to you! If I had some extra time, I'd offer to drive over and help, but I'm kind of knee deep myself!


  2. Thank you Becky. Having support is half the battle!

  3. Girlfriend, I told you many times, I have no idea how you were doing all that you were doing. Something had to give...Sorry it was your hubbys hip, crap, I bet he is dreading that, since he has been down this road before. I have a cute picture of you from the party at Adjectives. You take care, this too shall pass and we will all be waiting for you when you come back


    1. Thank you Carol. I was thinking of you telling me something similar at the flea market. I had a wonderful time visiting with you and your mom at the party. : )

  4. Hi, hope all is going well, I think the big day is tomorrow! Let us all know that all went well....Poor guy!