Friday, July 26, 2013

Excuses: Salem the Studio Cat Gets In The Way

This post acknowledges Salem's official position as Studio Cat for Heart Vintage Design. He has pestered his way into the studio and oversees whatever I'm working on. All of the burlap is kept covered and out of his reach, otherwise he would sleep on it… Sometimes I have to let him nap put him in the cat carrier to get any work done.

He Loves The Wire Trashcan
We adopted him nearly a year ago.  He was so tiny and sweet when we first met him we had no idea that he would attempt to establish all of my projects as his personal domain.  Now he's into everything...

He Was a Tiny Fluffball When We Met Him
Among other "duties" he enjoys taking all of the trash out of the containers so he can amuse himself by watching us pick it up. He also enjoys napping amongst his "booty."

He Really Likes To "Help" With The Trash
We cannot keep him out of the trash unless his access is blocked… Which is what explains why a teddy bear was stuffed in the trash can one day when I came home.  Mr. Vintage had found a way to keep him out. Obviously a short term solution, but it worked.

All of this is to explain why I haven't posted photos of the fantastic "Pay it Forward" box from the Dove Cote Brocante that arrived today.  The idea is that they sent me a box of items for me to sell and to donate at least 25% to a charity of my choice. I decided to donate 100% of the proceeds to Misfit Animal Rescue.  I've decided to list the goodies on Etsy to give everyone a chance to help Misfit out and to increase their presence on the web {you'll be able to pin their items as well.} Please check them out and see what a great job they are doing.

The cat carriers are wet from being washed and not immediately available and Salem would not stay away from the goodies stashed in the box. Sooo, I put the box up and will photograph the items for another post and to list before the weekend of over. 


  1. Where did you get that teddy bear? It's very cute.

    1. I just found your comment. We've had him a long time and I don't remember where he came from. Sorry :)