Friday, July 19, 2013

My "Crackled" Tile Rooster

I made this rooster tile at least 10-15 years ago and saw some people were wondering how to use napkins to get this effect so I decided to dash off a little "how-to" tutorial. All you need is a pretty napkin that you separate down to the the top ply by gently tearing it apart by layers, some Modge Podge and a wide paintbrush. You could use a foam one from the hardware store but I used one of my regular brushes. [Just be sure to wash it out well!]

Separate the layers of the napkin. Use only the top layer, set the others aside to use in your clean up.

Next put down a thin layer of Modge Podge [or any white glue most likely] on anything you have on hand [I used a tile from Home Depot] and gently pat the napkin on your "target." Gently brush over more Modge Podge when it is anchored. Let it dry fully.

I advise following up with a sealer such as Krylon Crystal Clear Acrylic Coating spray. I didn't do that and you can see where some pieces of the napkin flaked off over the years as it's been propped up on a shelf in my kitchen. That doesn't bother me, I like the patina.

Note that I didn't use any crackling medium. The little wrinkles that appear from the the napkin not adhering perfectly give that effect. You could spray and dampen off a little Walnut Spray Ink [by Tsukineko, in the papercrafting section of any craft store] to enhance the crackle effect.

I was not compensated in any way for the products mentioned, I just happen to like them. 


  1. Kitty I love love this tile!!! I love roosters so this really speaks to sorry your kitty knocked it off the counter and broke it.....can you glue it together!

    Thanks for doing this tutorial....I see lots of ladies on my page were excited to know how to do this....I've done the decoupage before so know how to do all that, but my question is when you want to do the you apply that before you put the modge podge over the top surface or after?

    Thanks girl! I want a rooster tile like this one!!! :( I love the writing on it!


  2. Hi Debi, I didn't use crackle at all. The wrinkles from adhering gave it the crackle look. I tossed the rooster, I had too much going on yesterday to bother with it. We went to St Augustine for the second day in a row to get my mother in law out of the hospital.