Saturday, October 5, 2013

It's Time for Fall in the Field Again.

It seems that Central Florida is becoming a hotbed of vintage goodness. Renningers Antiques in Mount Dora responded to the increased demand for vintage goods by starting the Fall in the Field show a few years ago.  Dealers from all over came to set up their booth with fabulous vintage goodies this weekend. Although I was invited to do this show, I simply wasn't able to add doing a show to my already too full plate. But of course I had to go to see my fellow vendors!

Lovely display featuring a vintage headboard
I am seriously thinking about getting the winged heart
Terrie Ireland of Chic to Antique has a huge booth with lots of reasonably priced smalls as well as larger items. She is famous for her stenciled alphabet blocks. They even made seasonally colored blocks for fall! The colors below make me think of falling leaves and pumpkin pie.

She also brought blocks of the colors she's known for. I'm sure she'll have a ton of blocks for the Fancy Flea in Plant City on November 2nd. In addition to having great stuff, Terre is a great stager.

I don't know who has the booth below but it was truly fabulous. It is even more stunning in person.

The staging talent evident here is truly humbling
This booth exemplifies the shabby side of vintage. Rachael Ashwell herself would certainly approve of this tablecloth. 

I'm still thinking of  going back to get that winged heart tomorrow. Maybe I'll see you there!


  1. I didn't know they were doing a fall in the field show! Great pictures and it was a beautiful day!


  2. Hi Carol, It's now an annual event. I got the winged heart and am going to stencil my shop name across the heart and put it up at Adjectives Market.

  3. This looks lovely and right up my alley. LOVE all things vintage even wrote a vintage novel ( I love all the garden vintage in the pix. That's one thing I have a hard time finding here.

  4. This show is put on every fall. Lots of garden stuff, maybe you can come and see it : )