Monday, December 2, 2013

My Booth Redo

I finally got my booth redone this past weekend. It feels so good to see the change that I wonder why it took me so long. 

I brought in some funky funnels that can be easily repurposed as light fixtures.

I brought in a cast iron Buddha head from the 1800's. It was once part of a larger Buddha body. 

I also brought in an enamel top table and a shoe factory cart with great patina. The mirror really reflects the light and brightens up the booth. 

I'll close with a longer shot of my booth. I do hope you can come by and see the new booth. I still have the hand stenciled burlap bags as well as the plain one. See you soon...


  1. Kitty, your booth is fabulously funky!!! I was at Adjectives this weekend...That store is just plain cool!


    1. Thank you Carol. Adjectives just keeps getting better and better I think. Sorry I missed you, I was there all day Saturday :)