Sunday, February 9, 2014

Don't Miss a Favorite Page's Facebook Posts

We all know that Facebook plays games with what we see on our timelines. That's good business on their part, they want page owners to pay major dollars for their "likes" to see what they post. The problem is that without major corporate funding, that won't happen for small pages which are the ones you most want to see. So here is a mini-tutorial that can help you see what you want.

I sell [and shop] at Adjectives Market and want to know when they add photos of available merchandise. I decided to take screenshots as I added them to my "Vintage" interest list. By following the steps on the screenshots below, you can keep up with any page you choose. You can enlarge any of the photos below by clicking on it.

If you have any problems, just google what your problem is such as "how to see posts from my favorite facebook pages" and you should get pointed in the right direction. I hope this helps. 

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