Saturday, March 22, 2014

That Etsy Je ne sais quoi

I was an Etsy buyer before I had my own page on there so I got a chance to find out how it differs from it's competitors. In my experience, Etsy is usually more personal. Most of the items I ordered came with a little something extra such as a paper flower, a freebie of some sort or extra special wrapping.

I try to carry that Je ne sais quoi on in my little shop. Usually I add a post card or something related to the stenciled bag ordered.  In this case I used my usual seam binding ribbon but added a Tim Holtz key due to the buyer's sentimental connection with the stencil design on the bag.

I included a surprise for the buyer. She had patiently waited for her order. For six weeks, the outside time alloted for the order to be filled… 

Here are both bags right before being packed up. 

I hope the buyer likes her package.  I think she will. : )

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