Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mistakes are Just a Little Wabi-Sabi

I always give myself a little leeway the first time I use a new stencil. What seems obvious in the design can be easily screwed up once the paint is out. This time was worse than usual. So I'm going to share my little boo-boos with you. 

First, always check the colors you're supposed to use. I didn't and so my "red" background is white. I can live with that. Second, try to actually stencil everything you're supposed to. I missed a spot and filled it in by hand. Third, don't violate your own rule about keeping paint colors separate. Somehow I got some black in the red. 

But you know, I kind of like the wabi-sabi.* I know the next time will be better… 

*Special thanks to my friend Lisa who introduced me to the term.   : )


  1. I think it looks great...No one love perfect!!!


  2. It looks good:) I know what you mean, best laid plans.....I'm always apprehensive when I stencil. Somehow, the ones that turn out the best are the ones where I kind of wing it. Go figure.

  3. I know exactly what you are talking about!

  4. Perfect imperfections are the best.....

  5. Perfect imperfections are the best....