Sunday, June 29, 2014

You Never Know What You'll Find When You Clean Out The Garage

I'm in the middle of a multiple day garage clean-out and re-organization. You see, last year Mr Vintage paid a handyman to move all of my treasures, admittedly unorganized [because I was caring for him after surgery] to the garage.

I am finally getting the chance to get it organized so I'll be doing a running post of some of the stuff I find. I will admit I was devastated when my stuff was moved and I have no plans of letting it happen again. It's taken me so long because I had the year from hell in my day job and did 5 shows last year.

Tiny baby shoe forms
Vintage bunting getting some needed sun


  1. It must be lots of fun to go through all of your treasures, and finding things you have forgotten you had!