Sunday, July 20, 2014

Keller's Flea Market

We made a pit stop driving home from Savannah, Georgia today. I thought we'd be doing a lot of picking but our plans changed as our vacation evolved.

We visited the South Carolina  Aquarium and spent time with family
On the way home we found a flea market outside of Savannah. They had some great old rusty stuff.

Thanks for the firefighters collecting for MD who helped us find it : )
Mr. Vintage was in a hurry to get back home but I had time to snag two Canada Dry wood crates, a 1950's Boy Scout camping cot and a few other goodies. I didn't have time to get photos of my finds but I did get some of the rusty pieces just lying around.

I wanted the grill on this tractor so bad!
This is the first piece we saw
Great set of rusty chairs
I'm hoping to get back there soon.

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