Friday, December 26, 2014

How to Store Holiday Burlap Decor

No one want their holiday burlap items such as Santa Sacks or tree skirts to be damaged in storage. Storage is actually pretty simple. Burlap is best stored in a dry climate controlled area. Simply roll it up to avoid wrinkles and put in in a pillowcase or a towel to protect it from dust.

It you need to fold your burlap before you store it, place some left over wrapping paper between the layers. Add a silica gel desiccant packet if you have one, tucking it in with your burlap if you're using plastic containers.  I always save them when they come with purchased items.

This isn't a fancy blog post today, just a quick informative post for everyone who's putting up those holiday ornaments.

Edited 12/27/17 Apparently there are a lot of uses for silica gel packets.


  1. Thanks, great advice! I just threw out a few of those packets yesterday!:) I'll have to remember to save them next time.

    1. I started a couple of years ago when I was about to throw some out and my neighbor, a grizzly old hunter, asked me for them and told me about various uses. I now hoard any I find.