Saturday, December 20, 2014

What's Under Your Tree?

As much as I love the look of wrapped gifts under the Christmas tree, I was always bothered by the idea of sending the beautiful wrapping and bows to the landfill after gifts were unwrapped. Looking for a time-saving way to wrap gifts, my sister came up with the idea of putting gifts in burlap bags for a no fuss Christmas morning. I took it a step farther and stenciled Santa Sacks.

Photo by Copperkraken*
I love the idea of being able to use these bags year after year. They don't take up much room and because they fold up flat can be used to cushion ornaments in storage boxes. If you like the idea of having wrapped boxes then you can use them for stockings. #BecauseAStockingIsNeverEnough

The Santa Sacks are available at Adjectives Market in Altamonte Springs, Florida. 

Special thanks to Copperkraken for the photo. 


  1. I love these! I'm with you ~ I hate to throw any wrappings away. We always reuse Christmas gift bags within an inch of their lives! I also shred used wrapping paper so I can use it throughout the new year to cushion my etsy jewelry sales packages. Here's to a happy holiday!

    1. Great minds think alike and that's a great to use shredded wrapping paper for shipping. I'm glad you like the bags : )