Saturday, May 2, 2015

Heirloom Pumpkins

I got this photo at the 2014 Fall in the Field Event

I saw the first post about Renninger's Fall in the Field 2015 event coming up in October today. It seems like yesterday but the last one was seven months ago. I had the pleasure of meeting the proprietors of Hites Heirloom pumpkins. I'd heard that the Heirloom pumpkins were different and didn't rot nearly as quickly as the ones sold for Halloween. 

I bought several to use for fall decor and decided to see how long they would last. I left them on my porch for a couple of month and lost two due to the warm weather and their exposed position on the porch. I still had six left. So I brought them in the house. 

I washed them once with a diluted bleach solution and put them on my north-facing windowsill. One small one is a bit dehydrated but otherwise they look great for being out seven months. You can see some deterioration but I don't think there would be any if I'd regularly sprayed them with diluted bleach.

Side A

The bigger pumpkins take up a lot of room so I decided it was time for them to move on to the compost pile.  After all of this time it still looked pretty good inside. 

Side B

I am amazed at how long they stayed beautiful. I put the seeds out for the birds but I saw squirrels (the rascals) eating them the other day. 

I plan on getting a bunch more in October at Renningers this year. They are worth it and will last through Thanksgiving and beyond… I'd call that a great value.

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