Saturday, May 9, 2015

What to do if your Facebook page is hacked

My Facebook page was hacked a week ago. I've learned some valuable lessons.

  1. If you get ANY communication from someone purpoiting to work for Facebook regarding your page and a threat to delete it, GET A SCREENSHOT INCLUDING THE URL.
  2. If you get such a message CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD IMMEDIATELY.
  3. Tell everyone you know so they are there to support you. I am blessed with a great community of fellow page owners who have rallied and come to my defense. 
How to report that a page is hacked

Facebook doesn't make it easy which is why I'm sharing this. The link you need to report it is on your Desktop Support. Facebook, why not make it searchable? Afraid you'll get too many reports?

  1. Go to this url and report it. 
  2. Go to your page and if you see spam, locate the tiny dropdown menu on the upper right of the post.

     3. Click the drop down arrow and a menu will appear. Click "I don't like this post."

   4.  A new menu will appear asking you why.

  5. Say that it's spam.*

 6. You will then have the opportunity to report that your page was hacked.

 7. You will then have the option of unliking the page. I hope you don't but I understand if you do.

 8. Be persistent and patient. Continue to report to Facebook and check the status of your reports. 

9. Pray that the problem is resolved as soon as possible

*If you don't say it's spam, you'll get this kind of message on your Desktop Support.
You can follow my new (and I hope temporary) page here.

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