Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Industrial Number Roof Tile Tutorial

I picked up some roof tiles from Rehab Vintage Market at the Polka Dot Flea this past weekend. Heather asked me to tell her what I did with them so I wrote this tutorial of sorts. I chose the #3 because Father's Day is coming and that was Earl Earnhardt's racing number. 

The cart of metal roof tiles in Rehab's booth

This won't be your typical tutorial. The finished product is above. I'm just going to give you the steps to recreate this look. It takes a little time but it's worth it.
  1. Wash and dry a metal roof tile or any other metal piece
  2. Using a chip brush, smear a thin layer of white paint over the surface being sure to avoid covering any natural rust
  3. Follow with some aqua green paint 
  4. Wipe the paint off with a paper towel being careful to leave the rust alone
  5. Using a dry brush, create additional rust spots with muted orange paint (I used Canyon Orange) and black paint working until you are satisfied. 
  6. Wipe with a paper towel or rag to blend if necessary
  7. Draw a number in pencil
  8. Paint the number using black paint
  9. Admire your perfect number. 
  10. Cover the tile with clear gesso
  11. While the gesso is still wet, distress the number with a bit of steel wool*
  12. Immediately wash the gesso off with cool water and blot dry- Normally you would leave the gesso on but the removed paint will still be uncured and would cover up your background
  13. Brush a thin coat of Modge Pouge to bring out the color
  14. Dip your finger in the Modge Pouge and run it along the sharp edges LIGHTLY to blunt them
  15. Spray with a clear coat of sealer
*I would normally use tape but the paint adhered so well that even masking tape didn't touch it. 

That's all there is to it.


  1. Thanks for the tutorial, I never thought of modge podge to dull the edges...Genius! If you are interested in the Haven conference you can just follow them on FB, I know it is an annual conference.


    1. Thank you Carol. I'm always trying to thing of ways to stop people getting inadvertent injuries, lol. I think I'll start to follow them too. xo

  2. A great idea! Now, to find a roof tile...

  3. There is a black metal paint that can be purchased at Lowes, it's a paint that is unbelievabley strong as to adhering to all metals, steal, zinc, galvanize metals and all. It's a perfect paint for quality to anyone art and lasting heirloom age.

    Love your style.


  4. Yes, I got rid of pink....I hope that won't get rid of my blog readers! Hope you are feeling better tonight!